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Energy In Motion. Morocco and Beyond.


Morocco and Beyond

-guthrie stephens

Energy In Motion is not a company, it is a movement. It is the culmination of all of our actions within each moment to create the world that we want to be. We are ALL Energy In Motion, THIS is OUR story, the story of Co-Creation.

It all began with a burst, as it always does, at each moment, a burst of creative energy consolidated around a common idea. The idea was and always has been to RE-MEMBER, in any capacity that we choose. From the atom to galaxies, the common theme seems to be UNIFICATION. We, as perfect fractal iterations of the entire Holonomic Universe, choose everyday the world in which we a re-born into. But, is it truly the world that we as a collective truly DESIRE? I would say not. The world that we corp-orate each day is one seemingly based upon fear. We stand by as our brothers and sisters die of starvation, disease and war related injury. We stand by because we feel helpless. WE ARE NOT. We are infinitely response-able and liable for everything that occurs in our world, in our solar system, in our galaxy, on OUR UNIVERSE and NOW is the time to RESPOND.

As a child I was always plagued with guilt, a guilt not brought about by actively doing wrong, instead, it was bred out of my feeling responsibility for all of the travesties in the world and doing NOTHING about it. I felt like I could not possibly have any effect on events that weren't within immediate physical reach. I spent my childhood making up spells and mantras in an attempt to connect with any higher force that I could. I wanted to help the world. I thought, though maybe I couldn't directly help, I could connect with what my mother called "The Creative Power of The Universe" and send my energy wherever it was most needed to tip whatever superposition was in place and proliferate love. When I didn't see the results I desired after years of trying I stopped and buried the hatchet. I did my best to forget my younger years spent focused on magic and grew into a person convicted by social convention.

I dug up the proverbial hatchet and remembered my role with the study of "Quantum Entanglement" in mid 2013. Quantum Entanglement is the principle of universal energetic communication, that which exceeds even the speed of light and effects all of us. In the early 1900's a group of scientists, Einstein and Schrodinger among them, set out with the goal of coming to a greater understanding of the communication that occurs between objects on a quantum level. A single particle was split and the two halves were separated by 7 miles. On one end the scientists interacted with their respective half of the particle, on the other end a group observed changes, if any, that would occur. To their surprise and confusion, the half of the particle that was NOT being interacted with still behaved as if it were a part of the whole again, moving in concordance with signals from the other half.

I began thinking of the "Big Bang". It began with an object of almost infinite mass and density that eventually reached critical mass and expanded into everything we see today. I thought of that initial object as the particle in Einstein and Schrodinger's experiment, that even though separated behaved as one. For me, this exemplified the fact that we are ALL ONE MIND, truly all one collective entity and in being so, we are ALL infinitely responsible for co-creating the events that transpire in our collective life.

With the notion of collective response-ability and response fresh in my mind I began to study with a passion I had never experienced before. Everything I studied led me further and further towards the logical conclusion of spiritual and physical unity! Everyday my role as a catalyst of universal evolution became clearer and clearer. I was illuminated. Then I was provided with an opportunity to test all of my conclusions, I was incarcerated. (See: UNITED WE STAND)

While in the Pinellas County Jail, I had an opportunity to ask the important questions of myself. "Am I truly connected? Am I boundlessly loved? Can I really create the greater good?". The universe said YES and not just to me, through me! By the time that I departed EVERYONE on the cell block felt it. People that were once struggling not to attack one another were laughing together and shaking hands. Every book I read, every room I occupied, every conversation I had, gave me an opportunity to field test my studies and they all came back validated.

The last night of my jail experience we were raided by the guards. All of the men on the cell block were crammed into the "day room" as the guards searched our room for "contraband". As we all sat anxiously awaiting the conclusion of the raid one of the previously more outwardly aggressive men, Bam, stood up and delivered this speech. "How many guards are out there and how many of US are in here?" "United we stand, if we all walk out there together, what the fuck are they going to do, put us all in solitary, NO, we can stand up and take our home BACK, if we all stand up right now I will walk out there a proud man". I cried, it felt SO EMPOWERING to know that, on a fundamental level WE ALL KNOW that we are doing this together. NO-ONE is exempt from the evolution, we are ALL creating it!

As my mother would so fondly say "You Are The Creative Power Of The Universe!" It's TRUE, WE ARE. Now that I truly understand this truth my goal is to HELP. My purpose is to assist humanity in remembering how EMPOWERED we truly are. We ALL KNOW this fundamentally, some of us just need a reminder, a catalyst to facilitate the change necessary to re-member. I am AWAKE and here for US, in whatever capacity that I can be at any time. I LOVE US. You don't have to do this alone and neither do I, we are always co-creating, UNITED WE STAND. We are all on the same vector, moving steadily towards unity, but we CHOOSE TOGETHER what route we take. NO ONE left behind.


When I was finally released from the Pinellas County Jail the first thing I did was dance, and then I called Amadeus Dameron to ask for Julians number. Amadeus provided it and as much love as he could considering the circumstances. I then called Julian Robles who responded with "Holy Shit, you're not going to believe this, we're on our way!"When they arrived I was briefed on their journey with the OPPT (one peoples public trust) and how I played into the whole experience. They rhapsodized of their awakening and I could feel it. I had BEEN there. I felt their story resonate within me. Other people were REALLY DOING IT, truly doing the "good work", spreading the good news of our empowerment and freedom. This is a link to their story. (OPPT AWAKENING) . They concluded by telling me that we had been invited to come to Morocco and work with their counterparts on developing a more sustainable method of interacting with both our planet and ourselves, to truly integrate ourselves into the movement, to empower ourselves wholly as Energy In Motion in whatever capacity necessary.

Justin Deschamps, Julian Robles and myself have been called to Morocco to HELP. Over the past few months a number of individuals, among them being the One Peoples Public Trust, have been congregating in Morocco with the goal of developing more stable methods of interacting with both ourselves and the world around us. (see: OPPT ) This is an incredible opportunity to share and develop ideas regarding the next stage in our holistic evolution, in a loving space with like minded people. The first word that comes to mind is synergy, Synchronized Energy. Compiling all of our perspectives to, again, CREATE THE GREATER GOOD. This journey, for myself represents the next stage in conscious co-creation (see: Conscious Calendar). The system that we live in DOES NOT WORK and my goal is to assist in building a new one based upon awareness and discernment within the individual and thus the indivisible. I cannot do this ALONE, none of us can, UNITED WE STAND.

WE NEED HELP. We have all recently quit our day jobs to focus on the betterment of the world in whatever capacity we can. Personally, I have been working on researching and developing free energy technologies but due to lack of funding I have hit a wall. Our goal is to raise both money for and awareness of our cause. When I say OUR cause I mean ALL OF US. Our goal is to truly create the greater good and we have an opportunity, ALL of US, to make this happen. When our house is dirty most of us will take the initiative and clean it will we not? The Earth is our HOME and we are equally responsible to it as we are to our individual residences. This is a mess that WE made and that WE, together MUST clean. What was it that Zach Galifinakis said in The Campaign? "It's time to pick up our brooms, because, IT'S A MESS." He could not have been more correct, it is up to us ALL to do this as a collective entity. WE are the 99% and in order to make the change we wish to see we must first discontinue or consent to this criminal intermediary of the Federal Government.

This world is FOR THE PEOPLE BY THE PEOPLE, and we have forgotten our place. Now it is time to remind ourselves of our TRUE POTENTIAL and act. As Carl Sagan so loved to say, "We are STAR stuff", and we truly are, but beyond that we are GOD stuff. We are creating this as one, LETS DO THIS. Compassion is the way to remove obstacles.

If you are interested in knowing more of what we are doing, providing advice, donating, or just sending love here is our contact information. WE ARE ALL INVOLVED AND EVOLVING.

Our fundraising goal is optimally 4,000 dollars.This includes passports, airfare, and housing costs. The rest of the funds go directly to the development and dispersal of more sustainable energy technologies. Thank you for your assistance in any capacity that you provide it.

"The revolution is not a time in which we must hold onto our hats in fear of losing them, rather a time in which we must remove our hats and feel the winds of change in our hair"

Contact US


Julian and Justin

For donations here is a link to our payapal. 
Thank you for your love and support. GO HUMANITY!

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